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As of 2016 BeauPro Training Academy has travelled the UK visiting colleges to teach students how to create their own skin care products.


We offer individual one day training courses for:

  • Option 1: Beginners – Lip Balm, Cleanser, Toner, Face Scrub Gel

  • Option 2: Advanced – (can only be attended if Beginners has been previously completed): Moisturiser, Clay Face Mask, Eye Gel & Tea Tree Gel, Body Butter

  • Option 3: Hair – Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Hair Oil, Styling Wax


During BeauPro’s training sessions we use raw material, cover the basics regarding the product they will be creating and also allow them to take their product home to try on themselves or share with family and friends. Students will gain knowledge as to how they can create bespoke products as their own brand with selected aromas and the options of using various ingredients.


If you are interested in booking a training course at your college please contact us for further price details and dates available. Each session will last a full day where a minimum of 6 students is required.

All students will receive a certificate which will be issued once training is complete as well as lecturers receiving CPD certificate.

The workshops are a great way to keep students excited and intrigued about the hair and beauty industry but also a great introduction for the entrepreneurs that would like to start their own business with their own products.

We also offer fully accredited intimate wax courses for students at college, all products are provided by Beau Pro.

If you are interested in booking a date for your students to enjoy this wonderful opportunity please contact us on: 01903 366466 or email at


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If you've had time out due to a career change, perhaps youve had family commitments and looking to launch a successful career in the the world of skincare but feel you would like to recap then please do get in touch to inform us of what you wish to cover.

We will create a bespoke training course specifically for you or tailor make a combination of the above as a recap.

We offer refresher courses in all beauty therapy treatments as well as Anatomy and Physiology.

For any further information or if you wish to book any of the above please click HERE