BeauPro offers a  3 hour workshop for parents to attend together which will teach them all the need to know information to treat their baby at home with a massage.

This is a great course for new parents to attend together either before or after their baby is born. We will work on soft bodied dolls so no actual babies will be present at the training workshop- for parent and baby classes please click here

If you are a single parent you are welcome to bring along an additional person this could be a grandparent, aunty, uncle, sister, brother etc

What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

It is a great way for parents to bond together learning something new they can enjoy with their child.

Baby Massage is one of the most pleasant baby experiences which provides positive interaction with parent and baby that will also help promote sleep, stimulates circulation, relieves colic aswell as encouraging parent bonding, trust and a relaxing treat to your son/daughter.

You will learn different strokes and techniques safe to take your knowledge home from the course and provide your baby with a relaxing treatment.

You will be provided with information so don’t worry you wont forget what to do when you leave our training- we are always available for advice should you need us!


The workshop cost £65 per couple


SATURDAY 14th MARCH 2020, 10AM - 1PM